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1064 г.
978-5-6041936-0-0, 9785604193600

Аннотация к книге «VERESHCHAGIN 70s»

Seventies... This period started with some terrible losses and great achievements in rock music. It is a strange thing to remember, but we paid more attention to it, than to the internal events in our country. The sweetness of the forbidden fruit. Total lack of faith in the Communist myths and a great desire to live with the rest of the World. The ultimate transformation of the official holidays into the feasts for the friends. The blossom of political jokes and speculation with the records. Trips "abroad" - Riga, Tallinn. Reel-to-reel tape recorders and SLR cameras. Jeans, platforms, long hair. Total deficit. And despite all that, the aspiration to the future, which gradually vanished by the eighties. I'm not objective, this was the time of my youth, and youth is always so beautiful... IgorVereshchagin 18.02.2018

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